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Weber Original Kettle Series Grills and Performer Series Grills

There’s something special about cooking with charcoal grills. Luckily, Weber has two product lines that make grilling with charcoal as easy as can be! We carry a variety of models from both the Weber Original Kettle Grills and the Performance Series that allow for a more modern approach to cooking on charcoal without compromising on that deep, rich flavor that grill masters know and love.

Charcoal grilling has one clear standout feature— wonderful smoky flavor! Heated charcoal allows for meat and vegetables to develop a beautifully textured crispy crust on the outside and a deliciously robust smoke flavor on the inside. Another ideal feature about a Weber kettle style charcoal grill is how truly portable it is. Move throughout your backyard, patio or balcony depending on the weather or adequate shade. Whether you opt for a larger charcoal grill smoker or one of our small portable grills, you’ll be able to enjoy deliciously grilled food in no time.